John Ford: Himself and his Movies 
New 2017-20.
This is a new book!
700+ new pictures,
new filmography,
new research,
mostly-rewritten text.
A vast improvement!

Pedro Costa & Straubs    "Straub anti Straub"

Dreyer  "Chains of Dreams"  Also at Carl Dreyer site
Ferrara  "Geometry of force: Abel Ferrara and Simone Weil"

Ford til '47

Ford's Bucking Broadway  "Ford rises from the dead again"

Ford's Indians 
"Angels gambol where they will"

Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln   "Passage"

Ford: interview with Tag on [but archive currently unavailable]

Truly doing film criticism (int with Tag)

Ophuls  "A new art—but who notices?"

Renoir "Renoir and the scandal of first love"

Rossellini's Joan of Arc

Rossellini's history movies

Sirk  "White melodrama"

Straub-Huillet "Lacrimae rerum materialised"

Vidor, Hawks, Ford ("American Tryptych")

Vidor, painting & Wyeth  "How to share a hill" Metaphor

von Sternberg


VIDEOS  (avi or mkv):

DREYER Day of Wrath  
FORD Iron Horse "Then came a dream" 
      The Informer.  Montparnasse dvd 

      The Whole Town's Talking "Cymbaline"  Indicator
      Stagecoach 2 (new)  “Dreaming oj Jeanie”  
      Stagecoach 1 (old)  “Dreaming of Jeannie” 
      Young Mr. Lincoln
      The Long Voyage Home “Going home” 
      My Darling Clementine “Lost and gone forever” 
      Fort Apache “The Morals of Decorum” 
      She wore a yellow ribbon “A Ribbon on the Land”
      Wagon Master    

      Rio Grande.  "Cavalry"  Olive/Eureka.
      The Quiet Man “Don’t You Remember It, Seanín?”
      Mogambo  Also on Vimeo.  
      The Long Gray Line  "Living and dead"  Indicator
      The Growler Story (corrected color & sound-synch)

      Korea Battleground for Liberty
      Gideon's Day  "Milk & Sugar"  Indicator
      The Last Hurrah "True blue"  Indicator
      Two Rode Together  "Rebirth” 
      John Ford: Introduction (62 mins.)
FULLER.  A short intro.
HAWKS  The Big Sky  “The third man”  
OPHULS  Madame de (Passion's triumph 1) 
      Letter from an Unknown Woman (Passion's triumph 2) 
PREMINGER  Angel face  or online spot  

RENOIR  French Cancan  
      Francesco giullare di Dio  Film Studies for free    or  Vimeo   

      Voyage in ItalyStromboli, Europe ’51. revised 
      Viva l’Italia.  Arrow.
      India Matri Bhumi.  Tag restoration of original edition (in French) of entire feature, subtitled
      Louis XIV    

VON STERNBERG   Von Sternberg till '29 corrected.  Or  Vimeo 

      Der Blaue Engel   "Who am I?"  

      With Marlene Dietrich in Hollywood "I did what he told me to do"   Indicator. 

      The Saga of Anatahan.   Kino-Lober; Masters of Cinema. 

WALSH.  Pursued  "A speck in the cosmos."  Also: on BFI SITE  

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